Kevin Schaul

Visual journalist/hacker


December 20, 2023

Getting on the “Recently” blog post train. Time will tell how long this lasts …


Been seeing a lot of love for Yussef Dayes’s debut solo record: Black Classical Music. It’s fantastic. But for even more electric drumming, for me it’s hard to beat his live set at Joshua Tree:


My chess bot is officially better than I am. That is not saying much. But its rating has ticked up to 1160. So now I’ve got to get better!You can play it here and see the code here.

I really should write up a longer post on what I’ve learned about chess programming. It’s been a good new hobby. Lots of interesting algorithmic and data problems embedded in it. If you’re a programmer, I really think it’s worth giving it a shot – even writing a bad engine has been quite rewarding.


A ton of board books. My favorite so far is Little Hoot, about an owl that just wants to go to bed on time. Relatable.

Been on a Neal Stephenson kick. Re-enjoyed Cryptonomicon, and am now on Seveneves. In a nonfiction rut.


That Shohei Ohtani is not a Chicago Cub.