Five more reasons to spend your summer in Seattle

November 13, 2013

Last year’s intern Jon Schleuss nailed the top five reasons to spend your summer in Seattle. Here’s my lame attempt to make it a top ten list.

10. If you’re passionate, you’re qualified

I came in to the office with mediocre programming skills and a lackluster understanding of real-world journalism. As the media world changes, the desire to learn is the differentiating skill; the rest is secondary.

9. You already have family in Seattle

The people at the Seattle Times are unbelievably welcoming, friendly and helpful. Sure, they have their quirks, but what family doesn’t? I moved there without knowing a soul in the state. I’m a shy person. But somehow, the folks at work got me out nearly every weekend. I’ll never lose contact with them; that isn’t something many internships can offer.

8. They’re serious about digital journalism

It’s clear that the Seattle Times management is realizing that data journalism is a big deal. There’s now a team dedicated to producing great digital journalism, headed up by one of the industry’s best.

7. Attend meetings, change your major

I learned more about journalism by going to the daily news meetings than in my two years of journalism coursework. (I ended up dropping the major completely after I realized I had been involved in the kinds of decisions my professors lectured about.) My bosses didn’t mind if I wasn’t producing something to help the company’s bottom line. It was a learning experience through-and-through.

6. Bring your pet projects and watch them grow

Large companies aren’t known for flexibility and openness to experiment, but my coworkers helped me find a way to disrupt their routine. I told my boss about my pie-in-the-sky project idea, and we executed it without tradeoffs. Talk about getting great clips.

Still not convinced? Take a look at Jon’s reasons, and drop us a line. We rarely bite.

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